UN support beginning of knowledge movement for sustainable development.

21 December -Apia, Samoa – The launching of the Samoa Knowledge Society Initiative on Friday 20th December 2019 at the National University of Samoa signifies the start of a knowledge movement across the country.

In her remarks at the launch, the UN Resident Coordinator Simona Marinescu reiterated the value of “knowledge as the most empowering resource and it needs to be a public good readily available for everyone”.

She also added, that the Initiative recognizes the right of the Samoan people to access information and has given the opportunity to build a lifelong learning system which is a missing part of the education system yet crucial for professional growth.

The commitment of the Government of India to the South South and Triangular Cooperation to ensure the growth of small islands developing states, which is evident in the India UN Development Partnership Fund was highly acknowledged by the Resident Coordinator during her remarks.

Through the India UN Development Partnership Fund managed by the United Nations Office of the South South Cooperation a funding of USD 1 million has been granted to enable the implementation of the Initiative for a period of 18 months.

Leading up to the launch, the UN engaged with the relevant stakeholders which included government ministries, the private sector and civil society organizations, academic institutions and professional bodies to discuss and identify and prioritize information needs that the Initiative needs to achieved.

As a result, the UN came to define the four components that guides the implementation of the Initiative.

The components of the Initiative includes the Samoa Digital Library, the  lifelong learning system and the open research repository which will provide the people with access to courses, research, training solutions and, above all, to access modern education, skills and safer and better paying jobs.

The Samoa Digital Library was one of the key features of the launch. The Samoa Digital Library provides several user groups with access to bibliographic ad institutional information from Samoa both in English and Samoa.

Launched by the Minister of Finance, Honorable Epa Sili Tuioti the Initiative is yet another milestone in Samoa’s Digital Transformation journey and a recognition of the strong partnership between the Government and the United Nations.

The Initiative is evident of the Government’s readiness to transform Samoa into a knowledge society, capable of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through professionalizing all government and private sector services and strengthening the quality of the country’s young human resources.

The Initiative due to start in January 2020, will be implemented by the UNESCO and UNDP in partnership with the key government ministries, the National University of Samoa, the private sector, professional bodies and other partners.